I took a day off last week to grade papers.

At one point during my luxurious day off Grading Adventure, I looked at the clock and realized third period was about halfway over. This is a class that routinely disintegrates into low-level chaos due to the presence of a small handful of kids who apparently have Strong Feelings Against Working.

Knowing two particular kids (that I regularly call out for being on their phones) follow me on my “teacher” Twitter account, and gambling that chances were better than awesome they weren’t doing what they were supposed to be doing in my absence, I tweeted each of them directly: “Why are you not working on your assignment?”

At the end of the school day, I went back to school to help with a rehearsal, and one of the kids I tweeted found me. “Miss Darkside,” he said, “how did you know I wasn’t working on my assignment? Are there cameras in class? Were you walking by in the hallway? Were you in the commons?”

I looked at him, shrugged one shoulder mildly, and raised one eyebrow slightly.

As he and a friend left, I heard his friend ask, “How would she know? There must be cameras.”

Miss Darkside is the supreme dictator of Room 312. She spends most of her time pretending she lives in a tropical location using the magic of google earth street level view, and watching bad British comedies. She spends her spare time teaching sophomore world history and carefully cultivating her crazy cat lady image.


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