One of the worst parts of college so far was my Psych 101 class. First off, my professor looked like he kicked it with Fredrick Douglass. He had those shakes older people get sometimes, and it made me nervous. He told us he was 85, and often made jokes about dying, saying he was about to “check out.” In his old, wrinkly, brown skin, and bearing a potbelly, he would shout his lectures from the stage. He went on tangents that had nothing to do with the course material, relating whatever official topic we were supposed to be covering to monkeys—he sort of had this obsession and talked about his research with monkeys constantly. He clearly loved monkeys more than life and revered them more than pubescent human beings.

The worst was when he spent the whole last day of class talking about the importance of voting and how young people need to get more involved in the government… when what we wanted was a damn review session for the final. He meant well, but the lecture was unwarranted.

Although the class was supposed to be for about 200 students, only about 50 showed up every day—me being one of them because I figured I was paying for those credits and wasn’t about to waste one cent. He would ask a question and then point to someone in class to answer and, while the person was answering, shout “What’s your name!?” and the person would have to tell everyone his or her name. A student could then expect to be interrupted at least two more times for him to shout “Speak up!”

His tests were on the course reading. That was nice. Some professors test shit they’ve never assigned or talked about. I kept up with the readings and always got B’s on my tests and a few A’s. Since most people did terribly, the final grades were curved and I ended up with an A.

Ajane’ Burnley is a junior at Western Washington University. Her 20th birthday was on Easter this year and she bought a yellow North Face vest. She knows sleeping in class is a waste of tuition but sometimes the Econ professor talks too much. Writing is one of the things she enjoys most, and she should make more time to write that science fiction novel. It features a young Black female heroine, because she says so.


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  1. October 9, 2012

    This series is the best. I can’t wait for parts 3-5.

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