WAIT, I’M LATE AGAIN!!!!!!!!????????? No one likes to run after the school bus—especially ’90s rap duo Kris Kross, made up of Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith. The backwards clothes didn’t aid their agility or momentum, but it’s hard not to feel for the two Chris’s. Some days the bus zooms by, and there’s nothing you can do.

I went to bed late but I didn’t think late would EFFECT ME
Early came around then late wouldn’t LET ME
Wake up—WAKE UP—so I can get dressed
I guess my body was mad ’cause I gave it no rest
And when I finally did awake it was a quarter to 8:00
Jumped in the shower and I know I was late
Stepped out, put on my jeans and my earrings
And said to myself, ‘If I miss school I’m ruined’
But I ran down hill and I RUSHED—RUSHED
I ran down the hill TRYIN’ TO CATCH THE BUS
Now I’m hopin’ to myself everything is cool
Standin’ on my block like a fool
for I’m all alone and the bus is gone
If I miss school, this weekend I’ll be at home
Can somebody come real fast to my rescue
I’m stuck at the crib and I don’t know what to do

[Chorus: repeat 2x]
I missed the bus [ohh]
And that is somethin’ I will never ever ever do again

I was up—HE WAS UP—but I laid back down
Thinkin’ I could chill ’til the time came around
And I did—HE DID—but a little too long
‘Cause when I woke up, yo, the bus was gone
I almost broke my neck, tryin’ to get out the door
And I chased the bus ’til my feet was sore
On the trail—THE TAIL—but I couldn’t catch up
I guess it must have been my day for me to have bad luck
‘Cause I lost my lunch money, book bag busted
Scuffed up my sneakers and I’m really disgusted
And when I got to school it was the same old thing
Stepped in the class and the school bell rang
It was nothin’ I could do, I tried to explain
But the teacher treated me like I was playin’ a game
YOU LOSE—YOU LOSE—the day was a no win
I learned to never miss my bus again


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