I love Aimee Mann’s ‘Ghost World,’ especially this lyric: I just read a lot and ride my bike around the school.

Hesitate to say it, but my agenda for summer free time in elementary and middle school (and even ninth and tenth grades) was the same as Aimee’s agenda. I remember circling Lake Spokane Elementary on my Huffy, looking at my reflection in the darkened windows and peering into rooms with desks stacked against walls. The blacktop was mine if I wanted it, but usually I’d go to the soccer field, lean my bike on a fence, and sit under a goal post and read.

Finals blew, I barely knew
My graduation speech
With college out of reach,
If I don’t find a job, it’s down to Dad and Myrtle Beach
So, I’m bailing this town—or
Tearing it down—or
Probably more like hanging around

Everyone I know is acting weird
Or way too cool
They hang out by the pool
So I just read a lot and ride my bike around the school

And all that I need now
Is someone with the brains and the know-how
To tell me what I want… anyhow

12th of June, a gibbous moon
Was this the longest day?
I walked down to the bay
And jumped off of the dock
And watched the summer waste away


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