Lilian Vo’s Questions in 10th Grade Language Arts, 6th Period, 2011-2012

Does this make sense?

Is there a right or wrong answer?

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

Was the homework supposed to be in the new format?

If I have a rubric for the third draft but not the fourth, do I keep it—or toss it?

Do you mean my strengths as a reader or my strengths as a writer?

Are you asking what I think it is—or what it is?

Do you have tape?

May we test the lighting?

How should we specify page numbers?

Should this conclusion be highlighted in green?

Are people constantly crafting new systems for writing?

Should I write down the questions I ask my peers too?

Should this letter be casual or formal?

Are you going to read this?

Are the printer passes extra credit?

Is this your surprise for us—adding more steps?

What tone should I use while analyzing an author’s tone?

Do you want these in a specific order?

May I have a paperclip?

Can a friend come?

Can we have a seminar?

The first paragraph is supposed to be about the internal qualities of a character… or about the setting in the book. Is it okay if I combine the two and talk about how the setting impacts the main character?

Do you have feedback for the first three paragraphs?

May I see it?

Can we borrow swords?

Can we sing a modern song in place of a Shakespearean song?

Does the type of rubric we’ve been using apply to the short response questions in the packet?

Can we add new categories—is that okay?

May I ask a question?

Have I been asking questions?

Lilian Vo is a Junior at Renton High School in Washington State. When she’s not asking questions, her head is in the clouds and her eyes are full of wished-upon stars.


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