That’s me and my students six or seven years ago, a few of whom wanted to catch snowflakes. This post is retrospective in part, so I thought the pic would be appropriate.

Today on Magical Teaching, I bring you the Top Ten Magical Teaching posts of 2012 as well as some two-sentence teaching resolutions from a few of our contributors and fans: one step back and one step forward, something old mixed with something new.

A Step Back: Top 10 Posts from 2012

In 2012, Magical Teaching garnered over 21,000 views, attracting visitors from 103 countries. There were 93 posts overall, and the busiest day of the year was Oct. 24, with 3,371 views. Here are the top 10 posts of the year, in case you missed them the first time around.

10. “Do Teachers Actually Save Lives?” – text by Steven VanderStaay
9. “Granola Bars and the Path to Student Services” – text by Sheryl Cornett
8. “Desks Covered With Graphite and Ink” – text by James Boutin
7. “A Rare Moment of Pause” – text by Kolby Kerr
6. “Diatribes From a Point Junkie” – text by Ajane Burnley
5. “How I Regulate Even When I’m Gone” – text by Miss Darkside
4. “Show Me Your Class Rosters” – video by Derek Smith
3. “Letter to a New Teacher” – text by Derek Smith
2. “Somewhere in the Middle” – text by Lindsey Jones
1. “What Time Is It?” – photo by Derek Smith

A Step Forward: Two-sentence Teaching Resolutions

STEVE VANDERSTAAY: My evening self resolves to be kind to my morning self. I’ll trim the e-mail inbox to 10 messages.

CHRISTIAN CERONE: Get manila folders. Organize my file cabinets.

JENNIFER MERCEDE: Two thousand thirteen is my sugar wean. Plus, I’ll write a song a week.

JO ANNA GAONA ALBIAR: I vow to remember my role as teacher/server and forego my natural tendency toward sarcasm and self. And to exercise more so I can carry stacks of research papers from building to building, up and down many stairs, without having to show up breathing hard and sweating all over the place.

DAVID JACOBSEN: Amuse myself less. Agitate my students more.

AJANE BURNLEY: Get an internship. Try harder (at most things).

PAUL WILLIS: Climb high. Grade low.

DEREK SMITH: Zoom in. Look closely.

EVIN SHINN: Work less. Balance more.

JACK KENNEDY: Writing is thinking made visible. Must intentionally do more to promote good thinking.

BETSY KALMAN: Delegate the teaching of grammar lessons to my students. Read aloud more in class.

MELANIE SIEVERS: Retire as soon as possible. Remain calm until then.

LISA GRUDMAN FOLKMAN: Make a difference to each child, whether it be big or small. Send them off to a new year with confidence.

THE MODERN TEACHER: Do more with less. Be happy about it.

What’s your two-sentence teaching resolution? Share in the comments below.

(Derek Smith)


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