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Tomorrow we will feature Jo Anna Gaona Albiar’s “You and I,” a longform piece about the selflessness inherent in truly magical teaching. Be here for it. I’ll def be here enjoying it again. We should meet up, if only because the folders above contain research papers Jo Anna graded over Christmas break. I have a similar stack I’m doing a pretty good job of avoiding. How does she do it?

A taste of what you’ll get:

I used to be a horrible teacher. When I first started teaching high school, I accepted a full load. I was given the duties of six classes who had already gone through two teachers by Christmas. I was approached to be the cheerleading sponsor for varsity and junior varsity, and I accepted. I was asked to teach summer school, and I accepted, though it meant a fifteen-minute lunch between classes and twenty minutes to change for cheer practice in the evening.

People, and teachers especially, often think time is the ultimate sacrifice one person can offer another. Sitting at a desk, handing out worksheets, filling out rubrics, these are all time fillers…

I devoted my time to the school, but I held back my love.

Tomorrow on Magical Teaching: “You and I.”



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  1. January 14, 2013

    Can’t wait for this piece by Jo Anna. Thanks Derek, for keeping us thinking and feeling on the subject of teaching.

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