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Dear Jordan’s mom:

  1. I’m sorry I included you on my weekly email, letting you know what’s happening in history. I’m sorry I emailed you in particular to let you know your son was failing. I guess I should have stayed silent.
  2. If you have given up on the school district, and you hate the district because its teachers don’t care about your son, why in God’s name don’t you pull your kid out of school and enroll him in one of the magical charter schools or magnet schools or online schools or military schools? They are abundant and obviously solve all the problems of the entire world.
  3. If you have given up on the school district, why did you pay $75 for your son to play football?
  4. You stated the apathy and laziness I’m getting from your son is something you’ve been going through since 2007. So do you mean Jordan hasn’t done any work since 2007? At some point, did you stop to think that the common denominator might not be your son’s teachers—but him?
  5. Here’s what I say: ”Jordan, do you have any work for me today?” “Jordan, if you come in after school today, I can help you with some of your assignments.” “Jordan, what’s going on? Is there some reason you haven’t turned in this stuff?” His response: nothing more than a sideways glance that says, “Ugh, leave me alone…”
  6. You say that prior to 2007 you lived in school districts that didn’t tolerate your son not doing work… Um, maybe this was because he was in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. The presumption is that at some point, YOUR DUMBASS SON HAS TO GROW UP.
  7. You say that when you contacted teachers in this other school district, they did something to work with your son, but that teachers in our district “don’t really care.” I find it hard to believe that no teacher at any time in the last 5 years has contacted you about Jordan’s failure to work. In fact, knowing the teachers that Jordan has had in the past, I’d take bets that you have been contacted repeatedly.
  8. I am not a babysitter. Unless you would like to pay me like one ($6 / hour x 25 students), I have no intent of treating your son like he is 5. He is only a couple of months away from being able to vote, for crying out loud. You wrote, “Well, it’s too late for you guys now. I have already made plans for Jordan for when this school year is over.” Your son is a senior but has the credits of a sophomore. He either gets it in gear and figures out how to get work done or spends the rest of his life living in your basement while you do his laundry and loan him money.
  9. I took time out of my day to email you and offered to stay 90 minutes late any day of the week to work with your son. I work for the district you hate, and I care about your son’s success. Stop being rude and disrespectful. It makes the people around you rude and disrespectful as well. What’s weird is that even though I KNOW I have done nothing wrong, your email will bother me for a long time. I hate that. I hate that you have the power to make me doubt my abilities as an experienced professional. I hate that I can’t let your condemnation of me and my school district go. Your email will bother me so much—and make me sound so conflicted—I won’t even respond to it. I will forward it to an administrator instead.
  10. Maybe that makes me sound weak and unsure of myself when I wanted to sound angry.

Miss Dark Side

Miss Darkside is the supreme dictator of Room 312. She spends most of her time pretending she lives in a tropical location using the magic of google earth street level view, and watching bad British comedies. She spends her spare time teaching sophomore world history and carefully cultivating her crazy cat lady image.


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  1. April 9, 2014

    Tanq Petkova казва:Zdraveite, vaprosat mi e sdneliqt da6terq mi e na dve godini s diagnoza dalekogledstvo + 2dioptara i na dvete o4i i vroden stabizam, imate li kato razmer o4ilca za dechica na tazi vazrast i smqtate li 4e biha pomognali v neiniqt slu4ai

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