I love your old soul
Beautiful beyond compare
Make me a sandwich

Sit here for so long
The room will remember you
If you move past this

I am here to learn
Paid graded quiet taking notes
Memorize my dreams

Practicing deep breaths
Live the life I have chosen
Past keeps me awake

Brighter than the stars
With eyes that glow vacant blue
No more drugs for you

Wearing a black hat
Drinking my dreams like coffee
You exhaust my heart

Hopeless romantics
Dislike my sense of humor
Too twisted to love

Planting a garden
For company and wisdom
Flowers might fix me

I want my own home
So I can walk around nude
And bake apple pies

Dreaming about you
Waking up nervous and tired
Hitler, let me sleep

Without you I’m weird
Come fix the TV and then
Ignore it with me

I’m yellow and blue.
Cowardly and all alone
Or a tuna fish?

No more blue sundays
You should stay here and cuddle
There’s nothing out there

Hotel sheets are hard
Pretending to be in love
Stone cloth tears my skin

Don’t you come closer
Under my skin is all scars
Every broken word

I love being young
Laughing at the way you trudge
Don’t try to free me

Birthdays are so sad
Puppies make terrible gifts
At least cakes don’t die

Irene Muller is a musician who lives in Alaska. She writes her own music and sings her own songs. Check her out here.


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