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Beyond the Blackboard
Q: Another story about teaching?
A: Yes.

A recent batch of submissions included a…
… professor inviting his class to pizza
… point junkie student on a rant
… line down the middle of a chalkboard
… collection elementary band instruments
… rumination on conflicting course evaluations
… two-sentence recycled FB status w/ funny picture
… playlist of conscious hip-hop for after-school grading
… fourteen page exploration of teaching Russian literature to cowgirls

More of that!
And more whiteboard magic.
And more pictures of 
tangled projector cords.
And more favorite teaching outfits.

We only want arguments about class-size, vouchers, policy, funding, unions, and/or standardized testing if they are smuggled inside fully realized experiences.

Send words, pictures, and half-serious appreciations for PowerPoint presentations featuring cartoon schoolchildren to You know you’ve got all kinds of ruminations on the art-science of instructing sandwiched in folders around the house and hiding in the back of your motherboard.

As part of the process, Derek will ask you revise your work, so find your “revision hat.” (The denim one with the adjustable cloth strap.) For your efforts you’ll get a shot in the arm of publishing juice and an audience other than captive students and cornered friends.

Not making fun. Really. We of all people should know.